Why Customers Don't Do What You Want Them to Do and What to Do About It

Why Customers Don't Do What You Want Them to Do and What to Do About It cover
Ferdinand F. Fournies(Author)
Publisher : McGraw-Hill
Publication date: Jan. 01, 1994
Paperback - 224 pages

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Product Description
 Ferdinand F. Fournies, knows that the key to selling is at once basic and revolutionary: "What successful salespeople do is to help people to buy." So he's written the only practical book that approaches selling from the customer's point of view. Using his Problem/Solution format, Fournies helps readers understand why customers act the way they do - and shows them how to respond in order to move the selling process to a winning conclusion. He presents 25 sales scenarios familiar to every salesperson, followed by specific solutions proven to work when: "They don't need what you're selling"; "They don't know there's a better way"; "They don't know they have a problem"; "They don't know what you want them to do"; "They don't believe what you tell them"; "They're afraid to buy"; "They don't enjoy talking to you"; "They don't know how to negotiate"; and "There really are problems with buying your product" Fournies seasons his guidance with real-world dialogue taken directly from selling situations and training sessions. Salespeople will also appreciate the checklists designed to help them prepare for sales calls and analyze post-call results.