Colorado Drift: The Case of Why Walk When We Can Fly

Colorado Drift: The Case of Why Walk When We Can Fly cover
D a Kori Prier(Author)
Publisher : Written Dreams Publishing
Publication date: Oct. 31, 2017

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Editorial Review

Product Description

Colorado Drift takes the reader on a snowy, modernistic science fiction adventure inside a Rocky Mountain avalanche.

DA Kori Prier changes things up for the reader in Colorado Drift. In a rare look from a fourth-wall perspective, Dr. Simon Kablowski shares the story of his friend and her escapade.

Ebbie McSwain and her daughter are on a routine business trip to meet Ebbie's husband in Breckenridge for the trade show launch of their newest skis. Fluttering white snow falls as Ebbie and Shanna navigate through the high mountains.

When the weather worsens from windy snow flurries into a full blown blizzard, a tragic roadway collision occurs inside a tunnel just ahead of them. This forces all the mountain traffic to go up and over a high elevation pass, creating a string of unfortunate events for several of the other travelers. Ebbie does her best to stay calm for her daughter's sake and tries to keep their vehicle safely on the road.

Snow and ice continues to build up all around them. The slippery pass conditions worsen, and then Ebbie and her daughter are lost in an avalanche of thick, dense snow. Buried under several feet of hard pack, Ebbie worries about herself and her daughter's fate.

As the death toll rises on the mountain, Ebbie creates several unique ways to save them from their winter prison.

Will her quick thinking be enough to help them make it out alive?