Why States Matter: An Introduction to State Politics

Why States Matter: An Introduction to State Politics cover
Gary F. Moncrief(Author), Peverill Squire(Author)
Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Publication date: Feb. 01, 2017
Paperback - 256 pages

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Product Description
 When it comes to voting, taxes, environmental regulations, social services, education, criminal justice, political parties, property rights, gun control, marriage and a whole host of other modern American issues, the state in which a citizen resides makes a difference. That idea—that the political decisions made by those in state-level offices are of tremendous importance to the lives of people whose states they govern—is the fundamental concept explored in this book. Gary F. Moncrief and Peverill Squire introduce students to the very tangible and constantly evolving implications, limitations, and foundations of America’s state political institutions, and accessibly explain the ways that the political powers of the states manifest themselves in the cultures, economies, and lives of everyday Americans, and always will.