How to REALLY Pay "Wholesale" for College: College cost-cutting tips and strategies for "Forgotten Middle Class" parents who think, Why Bother, I'll never qualify for ANYTHING!

How to REALLY Pay
Andrew Lockwood(Author)
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication date: Feb. 14, 2014
Paperback - 200 pages

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How to REALLY Pay How to REALLY Pay

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Product Description
 Controversial - occasionally humorous - rarely politically correct "insider" tips on how to get 45% off the cost of college, no matter how much income you earn. The truth about scholarships, grants and other financial aid from a nationally-known college consultant and expert on negotiating with a college. Topics include: * Which types of savings accounts penalize families more than others in the financial aid formulas...which are completely exempt. * How to negotiate with a financial aid office after it has "low-balled" you with a substandard financial aid award * The truth about who receives merit scholarships * How a high sticker price private college can cost less out of pocket than a "cheap" state university * WARNING: your accountant's and/or guidance counselor's advice can sabotage your chances of receiving financial aid * Money-saving "loopholes" for business owners, divorced/separated families * Money-losing "landmines" to avoid like an offer to carpool from Justin Bieber *More!