The Winning Side: Why the Culture of Death Is Dying

The Winning Side: Why the Culture of Death Is Dying cover
Charles E. Rice(Author)
Publisher : St. Augustines Press
Publication date: Jan. 30, 2018

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Editorial Review

Book Description
Charles Rice argues that we can build a culture of life, and shows that the culture of death is itself dying. A teacher of constitutional law and jurisprudence for three decades, at Notre Dame and Ave Maria College, Rice traces legalized abortion and euthanasia to their origins. He argues that the American republic is dead and the Constitu-tion cannot be restored to what it was in the beginning. Yet this is a hope-filled book, for he offers a blueprint for reform. Readers will find a challenge  – and discomfort – in his answers on such subjects as abortion, euthanasia, contraception, public schools, and vouchers, Catholic universities, “gay rights,” pacifism, the death penalty, immigration, and even global free trade.