Why of Everything: The cause of human failure and success revealed! (First Edition)

Why of Everything: The cause of human failure and success revealed! (First Edition) cover
Eddie Tjon Fo(Author), Marcel Bos(Author)
Publisher : Independently published
Publication date: Nov. 30, 2017
Paperback - 250 pages

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Editorial Review

Product Description
 (Readers review) I am a very critical person by profession. As a Lawyer It's my job to 'not believe' what I see or hear. So the first time I went through this book I was sceptical. As I am also very sceptical towards those personal development and mindfulness books. However, after reading "Why of Everything" all made sense. The build-up of the fundament, the logic behind all the information, the smart hypothesis and quotes. Using (neuro) science behind most of it all made more sense than I expected at first. How you guys explain the 'cause and effect' structure of general human behavior, made me realize I was chasing to solve the 'effects' only all my life. The benefit from this new knowledge to an individual is huge. Whether you are developing as an individual in your private life, or you as part of an organization working with other individuals. The beauty of your book is, it is not about personal development it is about personal disruption, to my opinion the only way to let go of old habits and grow into the right direction. This book is almost like the 'red pill' and the 'blue pill' choice in the movie "The Matrix". Because once you have read this book, there is no way back. Your book is a revelation helping to open the vault of knowledge all humans should have to create emotional balance. With emotional balance, it is so much easier to create and maintain your personal happiness. That happiness radiates towards others instantly. Which I discover right now in my surroundings. Thank you so much for using me as a proofreader, it has changed my life in an astounded and positive way.