Why Do Men Lie To Women: Part 2

Why Do Men Lie To Women: Part 2 cover
Charles Lee Robinson Jr.(Author)
Publication date: Sep. 30, 2017
Kindle Edition - 46 pages

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Product Description
 Ty and the fellas rushed to the hospital to check on Reggie. Their thoughts were bewildered as they had no idea of the extent of his injuries. Although the fella’s significant others did not really care for Reggie, they too were concerned about his wellbeing. In the meantime, Reggie’s injuries did not only open physical wounds, it ushered in a Pandora box of secrets amongst friend. Secrets which were meant to be unheard and unseen, are now released. The true test of a relationship/friendship is tried by fire. Gold must be purified with fire, once it’s refined, it comes through as pure gold. It’s easy to judge others from the outside; but step inside yourself, and judge from your own truth.