“Exploring Nanorobots & Medical Applications- Why Their Future Has Amazing Potential?”

“Exploring Nanorobots & Medical Applications- Why Their Future Has Amazing Potential?” cover
Dr.Hakim Saboowala.(Author), Dr.Hakim Saboowala.(Editor)
Publication date: Nov. 30, 2017
Kindle Edition - 55 pages

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Editorial Review

Product Description
 The scientific community is in the midst of a breakthrough in developing technology on a scale orders of magnitude smaller than ever before.
As our technology advances, and as we explore on smaller and smaller scales, we are able to gain increased control of the world around us and ourselves.
In the past, developing the ability to manipulate the world on a smaller scale brought transformative changes to the scientific community, and the world at large.
Whether it was the age of microscopes ushering in the area of bacteriology, or the beginning of the atomic age with the study of particle physics, nanotechnology is poised to change many of the paradigms with which we think about disease diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and screening.
Outside the bounds of medicine, nanotechnology will affect our lives in countless other ways through industries such as telecommunications and agriculture.
Nanorobotics are developing wide potential applications across all fields of medicine, and expanding the number of therapeutic options available, while also improving the efficacy of existing treatments.
It is certainly possible within a generation of time that the use of nanorobotic technology will become ubiquitous in medicine.
An attempt has been made in this booklet to provide a brief outline of nanodevices and nanorobotics in medicine, a small subset of the massive field of nanotechnology and nanobiotechnology.