Temptations: When and Why They Come

Temptations: When and Why They Come cover
Silvanus Oluoch(Author)
Publication date: Dec. 31, 2017
Kindle Edition - 91 pages

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Editorial Review

Product Description
 Temptation is something we all go through in life in one way or another, sometimes even without realizing. And there is no safe shelter from temptations, which are universal life phenomena that can face anyone anywhere anytime. That means, no one can escape temptations as long as they are in this life.

My purpose in this writing is to present the reader with some general healthy information on temptations, and to show them basic dynamics involved in any temptation set-up. I will also be endeavoring to help them understand the great resources God has for His children undergoing temptations. With such an understanding, I believe it would then be unnecessary for anyone to fear or be perplexed by temptations.
Although written on the general principles of this phenomenon without being technical, this book is insightful and a resource to everyone desiring clear and simple explanations on the nature of temptations. I trust your life will be enriched and blessed as you read through Temptations, when and why they come.