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Anatomy of Failure: Why America Loses Every War It Starts cover
Harlan Ullman(Author)
Publisher : Naval Institute Press (Nov. 15, 2017)

The Big Sort: Why the Clustering of Like-Minded America is Tearing Us Apart cover
Bill Bishop(Author)
Publisher : Mariner Books (May. 11, 2009)

Fed Up: An Insider's Take on Why the Federal Reserve is Bad for America cover
Publisher : Portfolio (Feb. 14, 2017)

Philip Roth: Why Write? Collected Nonfiction 1960-2013 (The Library of America) cover
Philip Roth(Author)
Publisher : Library of America (Sep. 12, 2017)

The Love of the Irish: Why We Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in America cover
Jaimie Hope(Author), Sara Jade Underwood(Illustrator)
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (Jan. 15, 2018)

Why Race & Culture Matter in Schools: Closing the Achievement Gap in America's Classrooms cover
Publisher : Teachers College Press (May. 07, 2014)

Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution - and How It Can Renew America, Release 2.0 cover
Publisher : Picador (Nov. 24, 2009)

Norman Mailer: The Sixties: An American Dream / Why Are We In Vietnam? / The Armies of the Night / Miami and the Siege of Chicago / Collected Essays (Library of America) cover
Publisher : Library of America (Feb. 27, 2018)

Why America Failed: The Roots of Imperial Decline cover
Morris Berman(Author)
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (Feb. 06, 2014)

Spare the Kids: Why Whupping Children Won't Save Black America cover
Stacey Patton(Author)
Publisher : Beacon Press (Mar. 21, 2017)

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