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Beyond Evolutionary Psychology: How and Why Neuropsychological Modules Arise (Culture and Psychology) cover
George Ellis(Author), Mark Solms(Author)
Publisher : Cambridge University Press (Feb. 28, 2018)

The Reluctant Leaf: and why it's okay to be you cover
Marcus George(Author), Marcus George(Illustrator), I.Benson and P.Ellis(Editor)
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (Dec. 24, 2016)

Paradise Quarterly: The Magazine of Nudist Social Philosophy (adult nude magazine), no. 6 (Females, Fashion & Nudism; Satan, Sex & the Teenager; Why Take Everything Off?; Turlupins of France) cover
Robert T. Mayrand(Author), Brooking Tatum(Author), George Bermain(Author), Roberta Horney(Author), Allen Sturges(Author), Gene Packwood(Author), Henry Shelley(Author), Jacqueline Casterline(Author), Pamela Johnson(Author), Franz Denninghaus(Author), Pamela Johnson(Contributor), Ray Romaine(Contributor), Les Standley(Contributor), Murray Wren(Contributor), Charles Kalas(Contributor), Leo F. Koch(Contributor), Henry Latour(Contributor), Gordon Moore(Contributor), Joseph Salak(Contributor), Rodger A. Sanders(Contributor), Ed Lea(Editor), Jack Baker(Editor), Cec Cinder(Editor), Eric Clough(Editor), Harry Dretheus(Editor), Albert Ellis(Editor), E. M. Garrett(Editor), Mel Hocker(Editor), H. D. Horatev(Editor), Jon Hunter(Editor), Luc Geslin(Illustrator), Jim Hadley(Illustrator), Bob Harvest(Illustrator), Leif Heilberg(Illustrator), Serge Jacques(Illustrator), Michael Leonard(Illustrator), Steve Martin(Illustrator), Parthenos(Illustrator), H. Peters(Illustrator), Ed Roberts(Illustrator), Bernard Babich(Photographer), Von Boltze(Photographer), Jay Bryant(Photographer), Virgil Buss(Photographer), Jim Cameron(Photographer), Elvin Carlisle(Photographer), Bill Davies(Photographer), Tommy Denver(Photographer), Andre de Dienes(Photographer), Dick Falcon(Photographer)