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The Inmates Are Running the Asylum: Why High Tech Products Drive Us Crazy and How to Restore the Sanity cover
Alan Cooper(Author)
Publisher : Sams - Pearson Education (Mar. 05, 2004)

Ends.: Why we overlook endings for humans, products, services and digital. And why we shouldn’t. cover
Joe Macleod(Author)
Publisher : Joe Macleod (Jun. 03, 2017)

Why Grassfed Is Best!: The Surprising Benefits of Grassfed Meats, Eggs, and Dairy Products cover
Jo Robinson(Author)
Publisher : Vashon Island Press (Feb. 15, 2000)

The Invisible Computer: Why Good Products Can Fail, the Personal Computer Is So Complex, and Information Appliances Are the Solution cover
Publisher : The MIT Press (Sep. 21, 1998)

Why Killer Products Don't Sell: How to Run Your Company to a New Set of Rules cover
Ian Gotts(Author), Dominic Rowsell(Author)
Publisher : Capstone (Dec. 22, 2008)

The People Equation: Why Innovation Is People, Not Products cover
Publisher : Berrett-Koehler Publishers (Apr. 03, 2017)

Product Development for the Lean Enterprise: Why Toyota's System is Four Times More Productive and How You Can Implement It cover
Publisher : Oaklea Press (Jan. 01, 2010)

Why Smart Companies Do Dumb Things: Avoiding Eight Common Mistakes in New Product Development cover
Publisher : Prometheus Books (Dec. 06, 2007)

What Happened to Recess and Why Are Our Children Struggling in Kindergarten? cover
Susan Ohanian(Author)
Publisher : McGraw-Hill (Mar. 26, 2002)

The Complexity Crisis: Why too many products, markets, and customers are crippling your company--and what to do about it cover
John L Mariotti(Author)
Publisher : Adams Media (Jan. 01, 2008)

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