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This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things: Mapping the Relationship between Online Trolling and Mainstream Culture (Information Society Series) by Phillips, Whitney (2015) Hardcover cover
Publisher : The MIT Press (1708)

Why Lawyers Behave As They Do (New Perspectives on Law, Culture, and Society) cover
Paul G. Haskell(Author)
Publisher : Routledge (Mar. 01, 1998)

Why It Is Good to Be Good: Ethics, Kohut's Self Psychology, and Modern Society cover
Publisher : Jason Aronson (Jul. 21, 2011)

Advancing Democracy Abroad: Why We Should and How We Can (Hoover Studies in Politics, Economics, and Society) cover
Michael McFaul(Author)
Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (Dec. 16, 2009)

Why Catholicism Matters: How Catholic Virtues Can Reshape Society in the Twenty-First Century cover
Bill Donohue(Author)
Publisher : Image (Jun. 25, 2013)

By Richard Wilkinson The Spirit Level: Why Greater Equality Makes Societies Stronger cover
Publisher : Bloomsbury Press (Jan. 06, 2010)

Citizen Cyborg: Why Democratic Societies Must Respond To The Redesigned Human Of The Future cover
James Hughes(Author)
Publisher : Basic Books (Oct. 27, 2004)

Stay Free: Why Society Can't Survive Without God cover
Mark Fairley(Author)
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (May. 26, 2014)

THE BETA MALE REVOLUTION: Why Many Men Have Totally Lost Interest in Marriage in Today's Society cover
Publisher : Booklocker.com, Inc. (Jun. 20, 2016)

Why We Harm (Critical Issues in Crime and Society) cover
Lois Presser(Author)
Publisher : Rutgers University Press (Nov. 13, 2013)

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